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HEAD GENUIT STIFTUNG - Gemeinsam gegen Schmerz
Reduction of noise pollution by means of up-to-date technical procedures:
Paradigm shift in development
  • One of the strongest environmental impacts on our society today is the increasing burden of traffic and neighborhood noise.
  • Product design successfully makes use of current findings about the human noise perception. However, when dealing with noise pollution, only simple sound pressure level measurements are applied, which have only a limited capability of reflecting the human noise perception.
  • Expansion of findings from psychoacoustics: for the judgement of noise it is necessary to establish psychoacoustic characteristics, such as loudness, sharpness, roughness, tonality and cognitive aspects, in addition to the sound pressure level.
Development and promotion of new approaches in the field of pain therapy:
Change of perspective in therapy
  • Disease and pain are not understood as disruptive factors but as part of life.
  • Health is not only the absence of disease, but also the ability and willingness to deal with the particular circumstances according to individual abilities.
  • The focus of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions is not on the physical and psychological deficiencies of the patient concerned, but on the capabilities and strengths, as well as the potential of the body and personality.
  • The question of deficits fades from the spotlight; instead the attention concentrates on personal resources.
The HEAD-Genuit-Stiftung promotes:
  • People, projects and institutions in science and research,
    • that strive for an improved acoustic environment,
    • that work for a patient and health-oriented pain therapy.
  • The development of technical procedures that reduce noise pollution.
  • The further development of the psycho-acoustic approach.
  • The development of therapeutic attitudes and behaviors which activate and strengthen the healthy aspects of the patient.
  • The individualized therapy, which is based on the person and situation of the pain patient.